To those who are rather cold-natured, it is not a good idea to stay in a chilly house. In this respect, purchasing a stove does become significantly essential but saving money is also a matter. What outstanding characteristics do you expect when bringing a stove home? Why pellet stove is a must-have when it comes to heating? Whether this type of stove is environmentally friendly and whether it has a negative influence on human health?

This article is going to discuss some interesting facts about wood pellet stoves. Okay, let’s explore!

What is wood pellet?


Wood pellet

Wood pellet or pellet is a small ball made of sawdust which is the remain of wood process. Their humidity; however; is initially reduced to a certain extent by drying and pressing. Then, the wood is dried and crushed and grinded before coming into the matrix. Here, a lignin – a natural binder- is released and shapes the pellet. Commonly, there are two types of pellets: pine pellets and mixed pellets. They are becoming more and more popular, appearing at every corner in the world. However, this article only mentions wood pellet’s role in pellet stove.

Cost effectiveness feature 

Statically, the cost of wood pellet heating varies in a range between coal and natural gas and surprisingly much below oil, propane, and electric as well. For this reason, hardly can we deny its economical characteristic. This cost, however, does not include installment cost. Actually, the initial cost of purchasing and installing a pellet stove is rather high. Not to mention, it requires regular maintenance. On the other hand, the cost of pellet is inexpensive and so is that of electricity. Here I want to say it is just a matter of trade-off.

Cost is affordable

Little impact on the environment

In terms of environmentally friendly features, pellet stoves obviously have advantage over their predecessors. In other words, they are cleaner than wood stoves but less so than gas furnaces. According to EPA, the amount of carbon dioxide and particulates from wood pellet stove is so low that it hardly affects human health.

Good for environment

In addition, this material is wood by-product or also called as renewable resources. Hence, people do not need to worry about environmental matters anymore.

Easy storage

People have a tendency to stock wood pellet in bulk due to the fact that it is so cheap. Nevertheless, do not forget to make a dry space to store. Moreover, this material can be found everywhere. Hence, its efficiency and availability are beyond any doubt. If your house does not have a space to store this wood by-product, just buy some small plastic bags which are found completely sturdy.


Impact on human health

Wood pellet is 100% made of wood and, therefore, is perfectly natural. Even so, wood pellet burning is considered another aspect. For this reason, proper installment proves itself to be extremely necessary to ensure that we are not exposed to dangerous factors. Though, do not worry so much as pellet stove is regarded safe and a very few numbers of people have problem with their health when using a pellet stove.

Little impact on health

Wood pellet stove has been popular for years but most of us can not deeply understand some aspects of it. Beyond our expectations, this burning stove may possess more interesting characteristics. I hope that you will find this article useful and consider it carefully when making a decision relating to this type of burning stove.

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