Coco coir Mats


Product Coco Coir Mat
  • Size
  • 0.6x10m
  • 0.8x10m
  • 1.2x10m
  • 1.5x10m
  • 2x10m
  • Thickness
  • 35mm; 1m2 = 6.5kg
* This product can produce according to each customer’s request.


  • 1 cont 40ft 80 rolls

Coco coir Mats

Coco Coir Mats are organic products made from the long, brown fibers of the coconut husk. Thus, they are far safer for the environment than mats made from synthetics. Moreover, we can use Coco coir Mats in many of the farms, industrial enterprises, or used in-house.

  • Making a mat for entranceways
  • Prevent slipping on the floor
  • Pet Bedding
  • Protect and keep the soil moist
  • Decorate the interior

World Export supplies the high-quality Coco coir Mats from Viet Nam.

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