Do you know 3 amazing applications wood pellets?


Wood pellets may sound rather familiar in human’s daily day. However, do you really realize many wonderful applications of this material?. Actually, wood pellets are considered extremely useful with a variety of practices from animal bedding to burning stoves. Okay, let’s explore the uses of this material with World Export right now.

What is wood pellet?


Wood pellet

Wood pellet or pellet is a small ball made of sawdust which is the remain of wood process. Its humidity; however; is initially reduced to a certain extent by drying and pressing. Then, the wood is dried and crushed and grinded before coming into the matrix. Here, a lignin – a natural binder- is released and shape the pellet.

Commonly, there are two types of pellets: pine wood pellets and mixed wood pellets. They are becoming more and more popular, appearing at every corner in the world. However, this article only mentions three main roles of wood pellet.

Wood Pellet for pet bedding

Why wood pellets are used for pet bedding and litter? It is not easy to ensure that your pets feel as comfortable as possible. Hence, taking care of your pets is undeniably difficult responsibility. Actually, a large number of pet beddings are made of wood pellet. The reason is that this material is entirely natural which proves to be perfectly safe for hamsters, guinea pigs and cats as well.

Additionally, wood pellet’s ideally absorbent and odor free characteristic makes it become a prominent option when it comes to pet bedding. Our pace of life is speeding up, forcing pets’ owners to find a convenient way to look after their beloved cats or dogs. In this case, wood pellet bedding is the best choice as it can improve time-saving, cost-saving and allergy problem.

Wood pellet for pet bedding

On the other hands, this material is found to easily lead to mold and endotoxin growth. Though, this problem is not necessarily a case and pet pellet bedding is worldwidely preferred. Besides, few tree species can be harmful to animals. This may sound weird as wood pellets are natural parts of the environment. Luckily, manufacturers realize this issue and make great attempts in dealing with it and; therefore; benign wood pellets are produced.

You can find our benign wood pellets for pet bedding here.

Wood Pellet stove


pellet stove
Wood pellet stove

In fact, wood pellet stove possesses vast advantage over traditional wood burning stove. First of all, we have to mention the combustibility when it comes to wood pellet. Additionally, in terms of environmentally friendly feature, wood pellet stoves obviously prove themselves much more prominent than their predecessors. In other words, they are cleaner than woodstoves but less so than gas furnaces. According to EPA, the amount of carbon dioxide and particulates from wood pellet stove is so low that it hardly affects human health.

In addition, wood pellets are wood by-product or also called as renewable resources and people do not need to be worry about environmental matters too much. Besides, proper installation will ensure your health with the emission of pellet burning.

Wood Pellet pizza oven


Wood pellet pizza oven

Wood pellet pizza oven has never been out of date. Relating to crust, the perfect temperature from wood fired oven will cook the cheeses and toppings very quickly, which makes them taste “fresh” rather than overmelted and turns your pizza into a disaster. Moreover, smoky flavor is another benefit that needs to be taken into account. High temperature helps quickly cook the pizza bottom, giving it the taste of a little bit smoky, in an interesting way. This smoky flavor is hardly found in pizza cooked by modern oven.

For these reasons, wood pellet is an indispensable part for a delicious pizza. This material is the best choice when it comes to making your own amazing wood-fired pizza!
Explore more about wood pellets: here

Wood pellet

Wood pellets are not only available all over the world but also affordable. This kind of material is extremely useful as it can be used for a variety of purposes. We hope the abovementioned application gave you deeper understanding of pellet’s role. Hence, do not hesitate to bring it home now!



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