• Size: 1 - 5 mm
  • Wood type: Acacia
  • Moisture: Max 12%
  • Powder: Max 2%
  • Foreign Matter: Max 0.5%
  • Color: Brown


  • Compress and stuff in Jumbo bag 500 ~ 600 kgs with pallet, 24 tons/ 40’HC, 40 bags per cont.
  • Bag Size: 110x110x120 (40 bags/cont)

ACACIA CD Wood Sawdust

Good quality Acacia CD Sawdust is a superb bedding material which is non-abrasive, dry, highly absorbent, doesn’t cause clouds of dust, keeps cows clean and comfortable, and handles well in slurry systems. Besides, Acacia CD sawdusts are also used for cultivating mushrooms and some agricultural areas such as compost, flower plantation…

World Export supplies best ACACIA CD Wood Sawdust from Vietnam.

Acacia CD Wood Sawdust is produced 100% from acacia trees and popularly used as animal bedding, mushroom cultivation compost or fertilizers.

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