Currently, the trend of recycling and reusing wood waste to protect the environment appears all over the world. Wood waste such as shavings and wood flour, once said to be useless, is now commonly used in daily life and manufacturing. Consequently, you can easily see these environmentally friendly materials everywhere. Among them, wood shaving is one of the most prominent wood waste materials. This article will help you deeply understand this wonderful material. Okay, be sure to check it out!

Main types of wood shavings

Sawdust shaving can be divided into two main types: pine sawdust shaving and mixed sawdust shaving. Pine sawdust shaving is made from 100% pine trees, so it is fragrant. In addition, this type is antibacterial and has the ability to reduce ammonia effectively. For this reason, pine shavings are commonly used in horse bedding.


Mixed shaving, on the other hand, is made from pine, rubber and acacia trees or even according to the customer’s request. Being a mixture of many plants, mixed shaving does not have a fixed shape and size. This material is considered super absorbent, allowing it to provide poultry with hygienic and comfortable bedding, hence ensure a dry and clean environment.


Amazing applications of pine shavings

With the above-mentioned excellent characteristics, pine sawdust shaving is often used as a material for horse. Currently, there are many other materials that are cheaper and easier to buy when it comes to horse , but why pine? How can pine shaving be the best option? In fact, straw used to be of great favor as it is really cheap and even can be found after crops. Conveniently, farmers could take advantage of straw and did not need to purchase anything.

Wheat straw used to be popularly used

For years, however, pine shavings have replaced it as pine shavings can meet the rigorous requirements of horse bedding. Some outstanding characteristics can be mentioned:
– Safe for horses
– Ready to use
– Adsorbent feature
– Availability

Pine not only has a wonderful scent thanks to the oil that absorbs the natural odor, but it is also antibacterial and has the capability of reducing ammonia.

Amazing applications of mixed shavings


Like pine shaving, mixed shaving is often used as a material for animal bedding, but mixed shaving is mainly used for livestock poultry. Also, this material helps keep poultry as hygienic and comfortable as possible. In terms of wonderful characteristics, you can mention following benefits: :comfort, hygienic and affordable.

Actually, mixed wood shavings are super absorbent which is incredibly necessary to prevent poultry moist and lengthen the time you have to change bedding. Moreover, it is easy to be stored. Typically, you can purchase mixed shavings in big or small plastic bag and just but them in dried places , so no warehouse is needed.

Extended usage of both shaving types

Besides the abovementioned applications, shavings are surprisingly affordable. Also, they can be used as
garden mulch and biomass briquettes. This is explained by the fact that shavings are able to increase traction and prevent soil erosion as well. These usages absolutely make it appear at every corner of the world!

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