Wood sawdust for meat smoking


Smoked meat has a unique aroma and taste, so it is without doubt that many people enjoy it. There are a variety of raw materials for smoking meat, such as wood pellets and wood chips. Among them is sawdust. In this article, I would like to show you how to smoke meat with wood sawdust properly and why you should smoke meat with this material.

What is wood sawdust?

Wood sawdust is wood by-product of wood working operations such as sawing, milling, planting, routing, drilling and sanding. However, it proves to be extremely useful for a variety of applications. Taking advantage of wood sawdust, people will find it convenient as well as economical from growing mushroom to even making wood filler. The wonderful application regarding meat smoking is mentioned below.

How to smoke meat with sawdust?


Smoke meat with wood sawdust

1. Soak sawdust
Soak the sawdust in water first. 500gm is a typical quantity and is the amount used in the example below.
2. Put on heat
Squeeze sawdust out water by hand, place it on foil or metal tray over a coal or heat beads.
3. Cook with indirect heating
Place the meat “on the other side” and put the lid on. Do not look at or lift the lid. Relating to the portion in this instance, it took 2 to 2.5 hours. Smoked meat is a slow cooking method, but it’s a priority over taste.

Why should you smoke meat with sawdust?

So why should you smoke meat with sawdust? There are two main reasons:
1. Strengthen the flavor
If you want to enjoy a rich smoke flavor that is considered difficult to achieve, you can do it with the help of sawdust. Experiment by sprinkling sawdust on the fire as the tree smokes until you reach the desired flavor. After cooking, you can taste the meat and decide whether it is too thick or too thin.

Sawdust helps strengthen the flavour

2. Add more flavor than electric and gas cooking

Many people think that grilling on an open flame is the only way to add a smoked flavor to the food they cook, and that’s almost always the case. Fortunately, you can use sawdust to overcome obstacles and add your favorite rich flavor, regardless of how you prepare your meal. Start by soaking the sawdust in water a few hours before baking the grill.
Detailedly, wood sawdust possesses combustible and carbon reducing capability. This magnificent feature motivates people to utilize it in daily life when making BBQ instead of coal and charcoal.
In addition, wood sawdust makes it much easier to control the smoker’s temperature which plays an important role in making delicious meat. Also, this kind of fuel produces a consistent amount of smoke instead of a lot of ash. Then, you can see that sawdust can burn much longer, hotter and enable you to have a nice BBQ party.

Mixed wood sawdust

Do not forget to rain as much water as you can after an hour or two. This will allow you to moisten the wet sawdust and control the burning rate. Then place the aluminum foil on the grill and under the cooking surface to make it easier to clean at the end.
Spread a layer of moist sawdust evenly over the foil, then puncture another sheet of foil and place it on top. The holes allow smoke to escape and penetrate the meat, allowing you to enjoy the smoked flavor, regardless of the type of grill.

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As mentioned above, wood sawdust is a by-product produced during the processing of wood and can be used for a variety of purposes. Convenient and economical application is possible from mushroom cultivation to house heating.

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Wood sawdust is commonly used all over the world, you can find it everywhere. In addition, it can be purchased at an extremely economical price. We hope that this article can help you deeply understand this amazing material and know how to use it properly. Have a nice weekend party with smoked meat!

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